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Bio Sabine


I have long toes and a restless soul, both are my father’s fault. I also refuse to iron, which is my mother’s fault for once making me iron 3 loads of washing in one afternoon. Other than that we have a perfectly normal parent-daughter relationship.

I grew up on three different continents and went to 7 different schools, not counting tertiary education. Thanks again, Mom and Dad – really.
When I was younger, people used to call me “The Why Kid”. Why, one wonders?
I’m opinionated. It drives some people crazy, but others don’t seem to mind and stick around.
I believe it is healthy to laugh at yourself – often. I learned this when at sixteen my first boyfriend brought a pair of back gloves and suggested I wear them as socks. Forgive me if I make fun of inappropriate topics at inappropriate moments. It keeps me sane.
I have few friends and even fewer soul mates. I treasure them.
I live by the motto “Live and Let Live. But fuck it, at least LIVE!”.

This life is my great adventure, and these are my notes, none of which I can be held accountable for under any circumstances.

Got something to say? Don’t let me hold you back. On

Published articles:

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Name: Sabine Clappaert
Studied: Marketing, Information Technology
Is passionate about: words, photography, animal rights, South Africa, making a difference
Refuses to put her lips to: Brussels sprouts
Would never leave the house without: checking the front door is properly closed – three times
Most over-used word: Super!
Can’t understand why people: are cruel to animals
Thinks that men should learn to: multi-task – happily
Thinks that women should learn to: not take things so personally
Is secretly fan of: Watching World Cup rugby matches, Poker Championships, TicKL Magazine
Totally admires: Anita Roddick – The Body Shop, Anais Nin – writer
Happiness is: learning, exploring, discovering
Favorite quote: “Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told, I am with you kid! Let’s go!” – Maya Angelou

Personal blog: Obiter Dictum

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  1. Riane King permalink
    April 7, 2009 01:44

    Well done on your decision Sabine… I will be following your journey with you through cyberspace…

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