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Bio Inge


Looks can be deceiving and Inge’s innocent smile merely serves as mask for the naughty garden gnome that forever whispers mischief in her ear. Her itchy finger will be responsible for the images along the way.

Name : Inge Grossen
Occupation : photographer, make-up artist
Studied : Photography at art academy De Lei in Leuven, Make-up at académie de maquillage Annick Cayot Bruxelles
Is passionate about : living, colors, qauntum physics (yes I am…)
Refuses to put her lips to : anyone elses than my boyfriends
Would never leave the house without : telling my dog I’ll be coming back.
Most over-used word : ideal
Can’t understand why people : want for everyone to be like themselves
Thinks men should learn to : listen (and show empathy)
Thinks women should learn to : have more and bigger dreams
Is secretly fan of : boxershorts
Totally admires : truly happy people
Happiness is : clean sheets on my freshly washed skin, a snowflake sticking to my eyelashes, a kiss on my eye, the first blackbird singing in the spring
I don’t like : people stopping at the end of the escalator, books with price labels still on them, the sound of the microwave when finished, dismantling the Christmas tree
Favorite quote : “je zou het verlangen niet hebben als je niet het vermogen bezat het te bereiken.” (emerson)

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