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How to get involved?

We wish to thank the following companies and people who have sponsored us so far:



With thanks to: Erik Van Vennekens, Carmen Devos, De ouders van Joris Lava, Gilbert & Ida Clappaert, Johan & Nadine Clappaert, Annelies Vanbelle, Katleen Bosteels, Dirk Jocquet, Rob Whippy, Jesse Madrigal, Jeroen Pede, Chris Flores, JP Mollie & Carine Min Jou, Willem Clappaert, Tom Waes, Nele Vanhecke, Tim Moerenhout, Mr & Mevrouw Franssen-Vissenaeken, Fam Vennekens-Hendricks, Neslihan Taskin, Roslia Decuyper, Sarah Gosse, Fam Van Grossen-Vedts, Niel Beelen, Lydia Roggeman, Katleen De Wolf and Fam Claeye-Willemse for their support!

WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR SPONSORS! All donations, great or small, can be made into the Sunshine Shooters account:

nr 132-5234411-41

International donors: (BIC code: BNAGBEBB, IBAN: BE88132523441141)

If you are interested in becoming a sponsors, feel free to contact us:

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