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The good cause

Finding a credible cause of which one is sure the donations will reach those who really need it most isn’t easy, and we’ve had some hiccups in getting here. But finally, we have found a grass-roots initiative driven by a small group of dedicated individuals, that has realized quite a few major achievements with very little money.


The initiative we’ll be supporting by our participation is “project 29”, an initiative by The Equator Foundation that collects funds to provide gynecological care to women in southern Gambia. The annual cost of employing a gynecologist and covering the expenses associated with decent gynecology amount to 10.000 Euro per year.

Today, 1 in 32 Gambian women still die due to complications related to giving birth. In The Netherlands, only 1 in 10.500 women run that risk. The Equator Foundation therefor wants to raise funds to employ a full-time gynecologist at the clinic they helped set up over the past few years.

In the village of Kartong, on the south coast of the Gambia,  the Equator Foundation y funded the setup of a clean, furnished, staffed and fully equiped health clinic. What used to be one room with a table and chair and a cardboard box serving as farmacy is now a proper building with a waiting room, an examination room, a hospital ward, maternity ward, a laboratory and an office.

gynecologistDr Yassi

We liked this project because it provides direct, concrete benefits to women when they need it most! In western Europe we take good gynecological care for granted. Having lived in South Africa for almost twenty years, I know that in Africa that is often not the case. So when one thinks about it, 10.000 Euro is a nothing if it saves even one life!

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