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The team


About The Sunshine Shooters

The participation of Team “Sunshine Shooters” in the Antwerp-Banjul challenge is a dream-come-true for Sabine Clappaert and Inge Grossen.
Why we’re taking part in this rally
BECAUSE we’re helping to realise the dreams of women in Gambia.
BECAUSE we both passionately believe in the importance realising your dreams.
Which leaves us with the question: why wouldn’t we take part?!

Sabine Clappaert
Eternal global roamer, freelance journalist, outspoken third-wave feminist and self-confessed rally pilot, Sabine will be penning the stories along this journey.

The Muse Communication blog

Obiter Dictum: Sabine’s personal blog

Inge Grossen
Looks can be deceiving and Inge’s innocent smile merely serves as mask for the naughty garden gnome that forever whispers mischief in her hear. Her itchy finger will be responsible for the images along the way.

Inge’s website

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